The EXM Partners conducted its first advisory process in Corporate Restructuring early in 2007, a year and a half after the Law n º 11,101 ("The new bankruptcy legislation") was stablished;


In the last five years, the company has developed and conducted more than 60 cases of Judicial Recovery;


All clients served by the company had their plans approved - 100% approval;


Today, EXM Partners is a national reference in this type of instrument;



Initial Application and Entry into the JR Process


JR Plan preparation



Realization of the General Creditor Assembly


Negotiation with the Creditors


Analysis and understanding of the business of recovery company;


Analysis and  review of balance sheets;


Analysis of financial contracts and supply;


Survey, conference and classification of all liabilities;


The listing of company assets and shareholders;


List of lawsuits against the recovery company.

Auditing and Consultting


Definition of means of recovery of the company;


Study of profitability projected and economic viability;


Preparation of payment of the debt;


Elaboration of  the entire Corporate


Legal and Financial

Consultancy applied to JR.


Organization of physical estructure and personnel for the Assembly;


Reception of creditors and verification of documents from each participant;


Monitoring and recording of the vote;


Representation of recovery company during assembly.

Operational Expertise and Negotiation in the Assemblies.

Contact creditors seeking to negotiate the approval of the JR;


Differential treatment involving creditors financiers and developers.

Technical Negotiation
applied to JR.



Enable the continuity of the productive source, the employment of workers and the interests of creditors;

Preserve the social role of businesses;

Provide feasible solutions to the economic and financial crisis faced by companies;

Stimulate economic activity and corporate restructuring.

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