Food industry, manufacturer of candies, sweets and chocolates


• Negative EBITDA;

• High indebtedness;

• Lost economic fundamentals;

• Scam victim by one of the creditors;

• Operational inefficiency;

• High tax liabilities.



    What we did:

• Debt restructuring;

• Preparation of short-term cash flow projection and long-term business plan;

• Training and participation in the management committee throughout the process.

    Results achieved:


• EBITDA margin of 10%;


• Selection and support in the implementation of the ERP; 30% to 40% reduction in costs and expenses;


• Debt settlement with PRJ approval in AGC


• Rescue of the economic fundamentals of the operation;


• Restoring liquidity, eliminating the need for duplicate discounts;


• Classification of R $ 36.5 million in tax debts (PIS, COFINS and INSS) in special installment schemes;

• Expert defense of fraudulent banking operation.


Sugar-energy industry, manufacturer of sugar, ethanol and

electric energy congenator, with 4.5 MM ton milling capac.



• High level of leverage, in the order of 10 times EBITDA;

• Forecast of negative cash balance in the 16/17 harvest;

• Worn out and unbelievable relationship with agricultural partners and suppliers;

•Judicial reorganization process in progress;

    What we did:


Operational strategic diagnosis;

• Renegotiation with financial creditors and agricultural partners;

• Projection of cash flow, business plan and valuation;

• Interim financial and operational management;

• Occupation of the position of CEO of the company;

Review and reduction of the organizational structure.

    Results achieved:


• Stabilization of cash flow;


• Reconstruction of credibility with agricultural partners and suppliers;


• Development of new suppliers and consequent increase in crushing from 5,000 ton / day to 10,000 ton / day; 61.3% increase in Net Revenue for the 16/17 harvest


•Reduction of costs and expenses by 30% and increase in the EBITDA margin of 18%;


• Efficiency gains in agricultural management (planting, treatments and CTT) and supplies.




University, with undergraduate and graduate courses.



• Lack of liquidity

• Short-term debt;

• Tax liabilities;

• Low EBITDA margin;

• Swollen staff structure;

• Absence of financial controls


    What we did:


• Strategic-operational diagnosis;

• Interim management, occupying the position of  Administrative / Financial Superintendent.

• Cash flow projection;

• Reduction of staff;

• Tax analysis;

• Implementation of budgetary policy (OBZ).

    Results achieved:


• Renegotiation and extension of bank liabilities.


• Reduction and containment of costs and expenses;


• Increase in the EBITDA margin in the order of 20%;


• R$ 16.6 million tax liability restructuring;


• Recovery of R $ 1.7 million in tax credits;


• Restoration of liquidity.

Reference club in nautical sports, with almost 14 thousand members.



• Negative net result;

• Lack of budget and control of expenses;

• Poor cash management.





    What we did:


• Interim management, occupying the position of controller;

• Implementation of cash management;

• Implementation of Zeri based budget;

• Tax audit and analysis;

• Creation of a new source of income (academy).

    Results achieved:


• Revenue increase in the order of 28% in the


• EXM management period;


• Cost reduction and containment;


• Reversal of the negative Net Result with an increase of 10% in the last line.


• Special installment payment of taxes (INSS) in the amount of R $ 516 thousand.


Computer and electronics Stores Chain.



• High indebtedness;

• Loss-making stores;

• Very low margins.



    What we did:

• Detailed analysis of contribution margins and operational indicators for each store;

• Implementation of budgeting tool and monthly monitoring of store performance;

• Cash flow projection;

• Preparation and presentation of the judicial recovery plan.

• Negotiation with creditors;

• Adequacy of the product mix to the current market reality.

    Results achieved:


• Equating the debt with the approval of the


• Judicial recovery plan;


• Reduction of costs and expenses and closing loss-making stores;


• Increase in the EBITDA margin in the order of 10%;


• Tax credit recovery (PIS and COFINS) in the order of R $ 4 million.

Franchise restaurant chain, reference in casual dining.



• Short-term bank debt;

• Debt with the franchisor;

• High credit card fee;

• Loss-making stores.

    What we did:


• Projected cash flow per store and consolidated;

• Negotiating royalties and liabilities with the franchisor;

• Negotiation with financial creditors;

• Opening of relationships with new commercial banks;

• Diagnosis and execution of the Downsizing process (closing of stores).


    Results achieved:


• Conducting the closure of one of the two loss-making units;


• Reduction in the royalty rate during the first 3 years and installment payments in arrears with the franchisor.


• Lengthening of bank liabilities;


• Reduction of costs and expenses of operations;

Increase in the EBITDA margin of 5%.







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