1. Monitoring, Management and

     Decision Making.

Accounting Tributary and Social Security Diagnostic, of the company.

2. Mergers & Acquisitions.

Pré-Due Diligence.

Due Diligence.

3. Accounting Legislation.

Auditing and independent advice

Auditing related to Sarbanes & Oxley.

4. Financing and Loans.

Auditing, analysis and validation of the financial statements.

5. Government Programs and 

Accounting-Fiscal Auditing in order to know whether the company is able to benef it itself.

6.  Special Projects and


Auditing of Annual Accounts.

7. Judicial Proceedings.

Review and evaluation of financial operations.

8. Publications of Media and

     Private Events.

Auditing of circulation;

Auditing raffles and prizes.


Through auditing services, EXM's auditors may identifiy:


Recovery of tax credits that have not been appropriated;

Reduction of tax burden;

Regularization of all liabilities of the company;

Review of procedures for new accessory obligations compliance;

Sale of the company.


Irregularity of the taxes calculation according to legislation;

Unduly declared information in accessory obligations that may result in fiscal penalties;

Negative cash flow and the need for fundraising.




Review, implementation and certification of internal controls and processes;


Development of management reports;


Implementation and review of processes for the preparation of financial statements in different GAP's;


Analyzes and studies on accounting, managerial and financial data and information

Administrative and Financial Restructuring;


Analyses and studies for fundraising;


Cost analysis;


Implementation of cash flow and working capital management;


Identification of investors and target companies;


Conclusion and support in negotiations.



Review of basis of calculation for federal, state and municipal governments taxes;


Review of accessory obligations, such as Dacon, DCTF, DIPJ, among others;


Review and / or calculation of the transfer price;


Review of labor procedures and social security;


Review of corporate income tax;


Tributary Planning.




The differentials in EXM Auditing and Consulting services have been kept since its foundation:

Customized proposals in accordance with the reality of each client;

High ethical and quality standards on actions;

Agility, commitment and transparency in the projects;

At least one partner and one manager involved in 100% of projects.

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